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24hrs of Adrenalin laguna Seca 2005
Cannell Plunge ride pics 6-11 to 6-13-04
Downieville Gathering 7-9 to 7-11-04
Shuteye Peak pics 5-24-04
Glory Hole-New Melones Pics 12-19-03
Red Hills INFO and PICS
New Melones Res. MAP
New Melones PICS 2-15-03
Roadies Corner
Bass Lake 007 pics
Fort Ord Race pics
11th Iron Angels Race 3-2-03
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John Pimlott's Adventure and X -RAY
Dave's mishap with Xray!
Auburn Ravine ride 2-8-03
Buck Ridge Race at Lake Hensley pictures
Directions to Lake Hensley
Thanksgiving day group ride with pics
Get your upcoming ride on this site.
You might be a cyclist if. . .
We are in the BEE!
Skeggs PICS and INFO

We are always wanting to go on another ride, right?

Get your next ride on this site! Just send me a detailed email with the place, time, meeting place for carpooling and a good description of the ride to me in plenty of time, of course, to let everyone know of the killer ride and I'll get it on this site. send it to: thanks, Alex

trail head at Salmon Falls /Folsom Res.