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Sea Otter 11 to 13th TROGS style
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 April 11-14
Laguna Seca Raceway
Chaparal "B" campsites 1,2,19,21
FSR radio channel 14, code 20.

The web site for the event.

The overview to see all the campgrounds

We'll be on Chaparal "B"
By 'we' I mean, Bruce, Augie, Gerald, and me.  We have campsites
or is it 1,2 17,19.  Well, if you can find sites 1,2 you'll find us all
since they all back into each other.

Fred is at campground "F"

I believe we will all be showing up early Thursday.  Since there is so
room amoungst the 4 of us it is not really a problem to throw up an
tent.  But parking is a problem, you can usually drop your stuff at the
and then park your car in the overflow parking for an extra 5 bucks a

If you just want to hang out for the day, you're welcome.  People are
and going at all times.  If no one is at the campsite then try us on the
radio, I'm going to pick a channel since no one else has.  Let say
14 sub code 20, for no particular reason. Last year I heard a lot of
on the radio that I never got around to actually seeing in person.

The last few years we've usually ended up having potluck style dinners
so if
you're thinking of staying for dinner, bring something to share.
pitches in.

Did I forget anything?

George Crawford