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News, Rumors and Opinions


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John Pimlott's Adventure and X -RAY
New Melones PICS 2-15-03
New Melones Res. MAP
Minetrail pics 2-9-03
Dave's mishap with Xray!
Auburn Ravine ride 2-8-03
Buck Ridge Race at Lake Hensley pictures
Directions to Lake Hensley
Red Hills INFO and PICS from 1-18-03
Thanksgiving day group ride with pics
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You might be a cyclist if. . .
News, Rumors and Opinions
We are in the BEE!
Mid-Day Ride
Skeggs PICS and INFO
Roadies, Roadies!

 News of the TROGS will be posted here.

Some of the TROGS crew
on way to the Pinecrest Peak Trail
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