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Directions to Lake Hensley
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Directions to Lake Hensley
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This is how I got to Lake Hensley,
Take HWY 99 south to Chowchilla
    *Exit Robertson Rd. (first main exit with all the fast food)
    *Left over the freeway head east and follow the Lake Hensley  
      signs 21 miles. The road makes several turns, but there are    
      plentyof signs to follow getting there.
     *Go past the first lake entrance and the damn.
     *Turn left when the road T's (Sign says Coarsgold)
     *Go to SECOND entrance on left- Buck Meadows
     * There is a iron ranger on your right as you enter.
     * The first dirt parking on the right (after the iron ranger) is   

       the trailhead.
     * On the bulletin board at the trailhead there are extra race
        flyers you can take and a posted map of the area.
     * The race course is well marked with chalk arrows. It's an out  
        and back figure 8. There are lots of other trails too.
  I made a couple wrong turns getting BACK to Chowchilla after the ride.
The signs are not as clear. Take some mental return notes.
        Have a great ride , Fred