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24hrs of Adrenalin laguna Seca 2005
Cannell Plunge ride pics 6-11 to 6-13-04
Downieville Gathering 7-9 to 7-11-04
Shuteye Peak pics 5-24-04
Glory Hole-New Melones Pics 12-19-03
Red Hills INFO and PICS
New Melones Res. MAP
New Melones PICS 2-15-03
Roadies Corner
Bass Lake 007 pics
Fort Ord Race pics
11th Iron Angels Race 3-2-03
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John Pimlott's Adventure and X -RAY
Dave's mishap with Xray!
Auburn Ravine ride 2-8-03
Buck Ridge Race at Lake Hensley pictures
Directions to Lake Hensley
Thanksgiving day group ride with pics
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You might be a cyclist if. . .
We are in the BEE!
Skeggs PICS and INFO
United we Ride!

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The T.R.O.G.S. is Trail Riders of Greater Stanislaus
We enjoy the great outdoors and others that feel the same way without all the bull that many other groups have. Everyone is welcome! Best of all we are FREE. No membership fee EVER!

Our Mission Statement:

 The T.R.O.G.S. are a group of dedicated mountain bike enthusiasts from throughout the greater Stanislaus County area. The group is made of a wide range of abilities, from novice riders to competitive racers. In addition, the T.R.O.G.S. are comprised of a wide range of ages, from young children to more mature riders. Numerous members of the T.R.O.G.S. are involved in various trail maintenance and trail development projects throughout the area. One of major purposes of the group is to promote responsible cycling whether it is mountain biking or road cycling and to help young people learn basic riding techniques and discover the camaraderie and thrill of cycling.
Becoming a Member

Becoming a member is easy. You just show up and ride with us. Does it get any easier?

You can see Pinecrest Lake in the distance. . .
View from the Pinecrest peak trail

Race results and more!

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Road ride every Sunday 8am. Join in!
Wendy's Hwy 5 and Patterson Exit (Sperry rd)

Weekly MTB Rides

We have a MTB ride every Monday night in Modesto that meets at 6:30pm. at the tennis courts Dry Creek park.

If your riding to the park, bring your head & tail light since it may be dark on the way back. (Safety!)

There is also a group that rides every Tuesday and Thursday. The ride starts at 3:30pm and meets at the Tennis  Courts down in the park.

The ride is a mellow easy MTB ride that runs out on Dry Creek and passes trough a couple of city parks.This ride allows you to ride a little fun stuff along the way and take some of the bumpy  jumpy things if you like. It goes out and back for a total of around 8 mi. or more if you ride from home, Modesto and Ceres riders.

Dry Creek Map

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: