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Dave's mishap with Xray!
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Dave's mishap with Xray!
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Dave the tumbler

It was a beautiful day at Round Valley. The trail was steep and chopped up from cattle, horses and wild pigs. John's bike computer said we climbed grades as steep as 28% with an average of 21% over several miles. It is a great place to see what physical condition you're in. It's around 7 miles up and 7 miles DOWN. At about 4 miles from the parking lot heading down at speed, Dave took a nasty fall at about 30 m.p.h. in a rutted, hoof chopped,hard baked clay section. He slide and tumbled quite a ways. His clothing was shredded, his helmet had taken a hard hit to the front, lots of missing pieces. His little finger on his left hand was sticking out sideways from
his hand at a 45 degree angle. The bladder on his Camelback had burst
(probably saving his back). After taking bodily inventory, splinting the finger and slinging his arm, we propped him on his bike and shoved him on his way. The trail was just too rough to do single handed. We ended the day with a nice walk and a trip to Doctor's Emergency Room. They got him right in because of the helmet damage. The staff at Doc's were very cool and we were joking a lot until it was time to treat the extensive road rash. Dave's home and doing fine. No Dain Bramage . He asked for copies of the x-rays (Below) to share with you all. By the way, we did toast the "best ride ever".
                                                          'till the next best ride ever, Fred 

Dave's X RAY 2-8-03